The St. Marys Fire Department firefighters eagerly await their first customer of the day for their first annual car wash fundraising event.

Vehicles in St. Marys are a lot cleaner due to the Fire Department’s First Annual Car wash

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The first annual car wash event hosted by St. Marys firefighters this past Saturday at the fire hall brought in over $2,000 for charity.

This year’s event was made possible by all the volunteer firefighters, who all donated their time under the hot sun, scrubbing and hosing down cars, as they collected donations for the Ronald McDonald House charity.

“It was a real steady and beautiful day for it!” shared Josh Becker, a Lieutenant with St. Marys Fire Department since 2013. “A lot of people came through with children that were very excited about it, we got to see lots of smiles. It’s rewarding as well to have all the guys working together for charity.”

For a donation, residents drove their vehicles around and through the fire hall for a wash between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00p.m.

“The firefighters work hard to collect donations and to ensure it goes towards deserving causes,” explained Captain Ryan Taylor. “The Association decided to diversify the donations and give the money to Ronald McDonald House charity. We give to and support Muscular Dystrophy every year, but we identified this is a worthwhile charity as well.” In the past, the St. Marys Firefighter Association has also donated to Muscular Dystrophy, Salvation Army, St. Marys Minor Sports teams, and more.

“We try to keep the money within the community,” said Taylor. “We decide on a charity(s) that we wish to donate to and start our planning process to raise the money throughout the year. It has been successful in the past and there is no end in sight for what we can do for our community.”

“The charity car wash was a huge success, and it looks like something we will continue with adding to the many fundraising efforts organized by the association, said Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “I am always amazed by the amount of support our community gives the firefighters.”

Questions about the St. Marys Fire Department Car Wash or any other charity events can be directed to or 519-284-1752.



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