Town tests preparedness with annual emergency exercise

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When it comes to emergency management, practice makes perfect. 

That’s the idea behind the Town of St. Marys' annual emergency exercise. The exercise brings Town employees and their peers together for a simulated emergency. This year, the simulation was based on an imagined cyber incident that affected the Town’s water and wastewater systems.

Those involved in the annual exercise include members of the Town’s Emergency Control Group – like the Fire Chief, Director of Public Works, and Communications Manager – who have key roles to play during a crisis.

The exercise gives the group an opportunity to prepare for threats and hazards in a low-risk, cost-effective environment. It also tests the Town’s Emergency Management Plan, a document that details how the Town will respond during a major public safety incident.

Through the exercise, the Town can determine resource requirements, capability gaps, strengths, areas for improvement, and potential best practices. The exercise also allows the Emergency Control Group to learn and strategize alongside individuals from other emergency services, municipalities, and government agencies.

“This year’s exercise was a tremendous success,” says Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “It was an excellent opportunity to review what works, what needs improvement and the things we can add to our Emergency Management Plan to ensure we are prepared for any situation.”

Questions about emergency management and preparedness can be directed to Chief Anderson at 519-284-2340, ext. 201 or

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