Town seeking input on Vacant Unit Rebate and Vacant/Excess Land Tax Reduction programs

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The Town of St. Marys currently provides tax relief to property owners in the industrial and commercial property class under the Vacant Unit Rebate and Vacant/Excess Land Tax Reduction Programs. Starting in 2017, the Province is allowing municipal governments the flexibility to revise these programs to best suit local needs or eliminate the programs altogether.

Under the Vacant Unit Rebate Program a property owner may apply to receive 30% (commercial properties) and 35% (industrial properties) of total property taxes back from the municipality. A property owner can apply for a rebate once the property has been vacant for 90 days and can collect the rebate for as long as it remains vacant. This rebate is paid for as part of the overall tax levy.

Similarly the Town provides a reduction in the tax rate for commercial and industrial properties that are assessed as vacant land and excess land. Under the Vacant/Excess Land Tax Reduction Program, the property owner is billed at a tax rate that is 30% less than the full commercial rate and 35% of the full industrial rate. Residential property taxes fund approximately 80% of these subsidies.

The Town would like to engage the local business community in determining the future of these programs. There are two options for providing feedback:

  1. Fill out the online survey:
  2. Attend a public meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. This meeting will take place in Town Hall Council Chambers prior to the regular meeting of Town Council. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to address Council directly.

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Jim Brown, Director of Finance
519-284-2340, ext. 217