Town provides update on Huron Street sanitary sewer replacement

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Replacement Update

The Town of St. Marys and Lavis Contracting have completed the first block of sanitary sewer replacement on Huron Street between Queen Street E. and Jones Street. All blockages in the sanitary system have been cleared.

Crews are now replacing water services in that block for residents on the west side of Huron Street. This work should be completed on Friday, May 13. Crews will then install the road base, which should be done by Wednesday, May 17. A suppressant will be put down to reduce dust until asphalt crews arrive at the end of June.

Next Steps/Schedule Change

There has been a minor scheduling change that will see crews tackle the Elgin Street to Elizabeth Street block before moving to the Jones Street to Elgin Street block. Crews will also be completing road base preparations prior to moving on to the next block rather than leaving it until the end as originally planned. Asphalt removals will start either late Tuesday, May 17 or Wednesday, May 18 from Elgin Street to Elizabeth Street.

The existing watermain between Elgin Street and Elizabeth Street will be in the excavation area for the sanitary sewer replacement. As a safety measure, a temporary watermain will be set up on this block and houses will be connected sometime during the week of May 16. Residents are unlikely to experience any disruption when the transition to the temporary watermain occurs.

Impacts to Residents

  • Driveways will be inaccessible from Elgin to Elizabeth while work is occurring on that block. Residents are asked to park on one of the side streets during this time.
  • Residents may experience water disruptions while valves are being replaced; those affected will receive additional notices with specific dates and times.
  • A loud sanitary bypass pump will be used while crews replace the sewer between Jones Street and Elizabeth Street. The pump will be used during daytime hours only.
  • Huron Street S. will remain closed between Queen Street and Elizabeth Street.
  • Elgin Street E. and Jones Street E. will remain closed between St. Andrews Street S. and Brock Street S.

Updated Work Schedule

A schedule for the repair work is provided below. All dates are subject to weather conditions.

May 12 - 17

Queen Street E. to Jones Street E.

May 17 – June 3

Elgin Street E. to Elizabeth Street

June 3 – 17

Jones Street E. to Elgin Street E.

June 20 – 30

Curb (where required), turf and asphalt


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