Town to replace Huron Street sanitary sewer

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The Town of St. Marys and Lavis Contracting completed a temporary repair on the sanitary sewer on Huron Street at Elgin Street East during the week of April 25, 2022. A visual and video inspection of the pipe was completed while the repair was being done.

The inspections revealed a three-block stretch of pipe that requires immediate replacement. Construction crews are being redeployed from the ongoing Wellington Street reconstruction project to address this urgent issue.


The sanitary sewer will be replaced from Queen Street E. to Elizabeth Street. The excavation required for the replacement will limit driveway access as it moves down the street. Residents are asked to park on side streets while their driveways are inaccessible. Those with mobility needs are asked to contact the Town for assistance if driveway access is required.

Sections of the watermain will also need to be replaced due to the excavation. Temporary water connections will be established for properties between Jones Street and Elizbeth Street during construction. New water services will be installed to property lines in those areas once the repairs are complete.

Curbs will be replaced as necessary.


A preliminary schedule for the replacement work is provided below. All dates are subject to weather conditions.

May 4 – 11

Queen Street E. to Jones Street E.

May 12 – 27

Jones Street E. to Elgin Street E.

May 30 – June 10

Elgin Street E. to Elizabeth Street

June 13 – 30

Road base, curb (where required) and asphalt