Town of St. Marys launching new Community Wellness Program

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The Town of St. Marys is introducing a new initiative designed to connect residents with resources during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Community Wellness Program will launch on Thursday, March 26, 2020, and will operate from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The program aims to address a number of issues that could emerge in the community as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold. The program’s goal is to reduce or eliminate barriers related to food, nutrition, medication and other essential and social needs.

Services provided through the program will include hot meal delivery and frozen meal delivery or pick up through the existing Meals on Wheels program. The Community Wellness Program will also provide information on local delivery or pick up options for essentials like food and prescriptions.

To address concerns for residents faced with social isolation, the program will offer regular social and safety check-ins. These services will be conducted through weekly or daily telephone calls, and will provide personal interaction and a wellbeing check to those who are isolated or alone.

“Our community is such a vibrant and social place, and we understand how difficult it may be for residents who don’t have access to outlets like the internet or social media,” said Mayor Al Strathdee. “We hope this program brings our community back together, especially for those who are not active online.”

Many of the services offered by the new program are already available through the Town’s Senior Services Department, while others are being run by local businesses and community groups.

“There are so many incredible organizations and businesses offering assistance during this difficult time,” said Jenny Mikita, Senior Services Supervisor for the Town of St. Marys. “We want to use the Community Wellness Program to ensure people can connect with and access all of these helpful resources.”

All residents of St. Marys and Perth South who require assistance can call the Community Wellness Program at 519-284-3272 to access these services. Once the resident is registered, staff will help connect them with the appropriate community resource or enroll them in a suitable program to meet their needs.

The Community Wellness Program is seeking the support of local volunteers. Please contact program staff at 519-284-3272 or to get involved.

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