Town encourages new WinterLights displays for Milt Dunnell Field

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Businesses, families and community groups asked to think ahead for next holiday season

St. Marys’ holiday season officially came to a close last week as the popular WinterLights display at Milt Dunnell Field was dismantled and put in storage until next winter.

It was a busy season for the beloved display. So many visitors and residents took advantage of the free horse-drawn wagon rides that more rides and wagons were added. The entire attraction received rave reviews on social media.

The Town wants to capitalize on this enthusiasm to make the 2018 WinterLights Display the brightest and best yet.

Many businesses and service clubs have generously created displays throughout WinterLights’ 16-year existence. While new displays from these organizations are always welcome, this year the Town wants to extend a special invitation to families and other social groups to create a display of their own.

“If you’ve ever thought of having your own WinterLights display, now is the time to contact us,” says Andrea Macko, Events Coordinator for the Town of St. Marys. “It takes our elves weeks to design and build new displays. By starting early, they will have enough time to ensure that all new displays will be at Milt Dunnell Field when Santa flips the switch after November’s parade.”

Not only do new displays help grow WinterLights into a more enticing attraction for residents and visitors alike, those who sponsor new and existing displays receive a tax receipt for the full sponsorship amount.

“Creating a display is truly a ‘made in St. Marys’ way of celebrating a milestone, or of commemorating your family’s roots,” says Macko. Designing a one-of-a-kind display may seem daunting but Macko explains that “our elves happily work with each donor to create a meaningful display that everyone will enjoy.”

The process is an experience Macko knows first-hand: in 2016, her family’s business created the dachshund with presents display. “Our first WinterLights visit has become a favourite holiday traditions. No matter how often we drive around Milt Dunnell Field, the display makes us smile every time.”

As the 2018 holiday season approaches, more WinterLights initiatives will be announced. For now, anyone with visions of their own display dancing in their head is invited to call Macko at 519-284-2340, ext. 249, or email

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Andrea Macko | Events Coordinator
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