Reminder: Fire Permits required for backyard campfires and other types of open fires

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Planning a backyard campfire or other type of open fire?

By-Law Number 17 of 2012 stipulates that a permit is required for any open fires within the Town of St. Marys.  Anyone contravening the by-law could be convicted and liable to the penalties set out in the Provincial Offences Act.

Getting a permit

  • Open Fire Permits Cost: $25
  • Duration:  Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 (during the calendar year it is issued)
  • To receive a permit, please contact the Fire Department at 519-284-1752.

Meeting the requirements

  • If this is your first permit, an inspection of the open fire area is also required to ensure the area meets regulations, including the fire being limited only to a suitable container
  • Fires must not be located under overhanging tree branches
  • Fires must be at least 5 m from any combustible ground cover
  • Only burn commercially produced charcoal, briquettes or clean, dry, seasoned wood. Burning noxious materials, yard waste, or leaves is not permitted

Safety first
Before leaving the fire, permit holders should extinguish fires and securely cover them with a lid.

Be a good neighbour
Please refrain from holding open fires on windy days or nights, to keep smoke from coming into neighbouring yards or through neighbouring windows.

Fire Administration: 519-284-1752, 172 James St. S.