Queen St. Reconstruction Update

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On January 26, 2016, Bruce Grant and Darren Alexander from BM Ross & Associates presented a status update on the Queen Street Reconstruction project to Council.  This was a mid-design check-in to get further direction on a number of outstanding design items.

 Council decided: 

  • Sidewalk grading will be compliant with AODA standards, with various exceptions as provided in the Act to allow for the unique topography in St. Marys.
  • The boulevard (between the street and the travelled path) will be designed to be stamped concrete to match the existing limestone theme downtown.
  • The turning radius at the north east corner of the Queen Street and Church Street intersection will be returned to a standard radius as recommended in a traffic study completed for the project. This will provide for increased pedestrian safety when crossing the street at this location.
  • Fully signalized pedestrian crossings will be installed at each intersection on Queen Street in the downtown core as recommended in the traffic study. These pedestrian crossings will be fully compliant with the AODA standard, and will include audible pedestrian signals.
  • Existing trees located on Queen Street will be removed and not replaced due to survivability and aesthetic concerns (the BIA will be recommending a beautification approach for the core).
  • Electrical power will be provided in the core to improve downtown street events.
  • Gateway landscaping features will be provided at the Town Hall and east side of the Victoria bridge to serve as “anchors” of the down town to welcome people into our historic downtown.

Council instructed the engineers to move the project along as quickly as they could. An updated timeline for the project is available on the Town's Road Closures and Construction webpage