PRC ice time fee changes necessary to accurately reflect true costs

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In 2019, the PRC performed a comprehensive service delivery review. As part of that review, a full cost analysis of ice time at the PRC was conducted.

Staff looked at the whole picture – including utilities (approximately $1,000 per day in hydro alone when both ice pads are up and running), staffing, infrastructure, insurance, and all related expenses – to come up with an accurate hourly cost of offering ice.

Staff discovered that the PRC was losing money on the vast majority of Ticket Ice booked. To compound matters, Ticket Ice that was booked was being cancelled with short notice multiple times a week, causing the PRC to lose even more money.

In an effort to handle current provincial budget cuts, be better positioned for potential future cuts, and ensure that a high level of service can still be provided to residents without undue tax increases, changes needed to be made.

Those changes included the fee structure for Ticket Ice as well as the amount of Ticket Ice available. These changes were not designed to turn a profit, only to stop the PRC from continuing to lose money.

While the changes were necessary for ice time at the PRC to remain financially viable, PRC staff understand the importance of ice time to the community. To help ensure the continued availability of ice time, a new rate called Shoulder Ice has been implemented. Shoulder Ice carries the benefits of not being able to be bumped for other events and is still cheaper than regular ice rental – and can even be cheaper than Ticket Ice if enough users are using it.

On Tuesday, November 26, Town Council approved these changes as part of the consolidation of all the Town’s 2020 fees and charges. With input from PRC staff, Town Council will review fees at least annually to ensure that they are up to date and adequate.

The PRC’s new ice fees can be viewed online (schedule “A” on Page 5) at: 

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