New by-law prohibits boating and swimming in west fishing quarry

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Town highlights alternative ways to enjoy the quarries

The Town of St. Marys is hoping a new by-law and signs will curb dangerous swimming and boating activities in the west fishing quarry. The new by-law enables police to lay a minimum $150 fine on anyone caught swimming or boating in the fishing quarry. The Town has also installed updated signs and moved a stone plaque people were using to scale the fence.

“Our aim is to ensure public safety and reduce damages to municipal property,” explained Grant Brouwer, Town of St. Marys Director of Building and Development, “You can still fish between dawn and dusk from the platform and two stone outcrops. These spots can be accessed from the south parking lot or Riverview Walkway.”

“There’s plenty of options for swimming at the east quarry across the street,” adds Aquatics Supervisor Andrea Slade. “You can sign out a free family pool pass from the St. Marys Public Library. St. Marys YMCA members can show their membership cards to swim for free. We also offer a ‘Quarry after six’ promotion where you can swim for $3 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.”

The new Quarry By-law is available at More details about the swimming quarry can be found at

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