Lieutenant Justin Dundas named Firefighter of the Month for April

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This April the St. Marys Fire Department is pleased to announce Justin Dundas as its “Firefighter of the Month”.

Dundas joined the St. Marys Fire Department (SMFD), as a firefighter in 2009. Through the Fire Officer Program, he obtained Fire Service Instructor Level I and Fire Officer Level I accreditation. He was promoted to Lieutenant on September 1, 2019.

Lieutenant Dundas was selected as Firefighter of the Month for his 14 years of loyal service to the department,” said Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “Over the years, Dundas has demonstrated his dedication to not only the St. Marys Fire Department but also to the men that have worked with him. This dedication is evident in the way those under his leadership are willing to jump in behind him.”

Lieutenant Dundas is a proud member of the SMFD serving the residents of St. Marys and Perth South. Dundas comes from a long line of firefighters, as both his grandfather and father were volunteer firefighters. “It’s a privilege to be recognized as Firefighter of the Month around the same time as my father, Brent Dundas (retired Deputy Fire Chief), was honoured with his retirement after serving 40 years,” said Lieutenant Dundas. “I am lucky to serve with my brother Brandon as well and who knows, one day maybe even my two children will carry on the tradition!”

Dundas said, “I knew going into high school that firefighting was something I was interested in doing. Watching my dad do it for so many years made me want to be a part of the department in town as well. Putting water on fire achieves the same result it did 60 years ago; what has changed are the materials that burn, the tools, and equipment used in the response. Better gear, better tactics, increased knowledge of fire behaviour, and an understanding of the link between firefighting and physical and mental wellness have helped to create a safer work environment.”

Justin is married to his lovely wife Steph. They have two children, their daughter Kaydan who is 3 and their son Chase who is 9 months. He has been employed as Spare Assistant Control Room Operator at the St. Marys Cement plant for just over 2 years.

"Justin is one of the finest firefighters I have ever had the pleasure of working with," Expressed Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Edwards. "He is a respected leader, an incredibly hard worker, and he has a great attitude towards helping those around him. You can tell he cares about making a difference and he is most deserving of Firefighter of the Month recognition."

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Lieutenant Justin Dundas named “Firefighter of the Month” for April.