Advanced vehicle extrication training course

Firefighters from St. Marys, Perth East and West Perth team up to learn lifesaving skills

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A group of firefighters from St. Marys, Perth East, and West Perth spent the weekend building skills – and relationships – that will keep all their communities safer.

Firefighters from Perth County joined Peter Methner of On Scene Rescue Training Inc. for a two-and-a-half-day advanced vehicle extrication training course organized by the St. Marys Fire Department. Most of the training involved hands-on learning, including two full days of crash rescue simulations at Robson Scrap Metal yard, using varied pieces of equipment to cut open old cars.

“A combination of experienced and recruit firefighters attended the course.” Said St. Marys Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “Some of the recruits had little to no experience using the specialized extrication equipment during motor vehicle collisions. Attending this weekend training helped them gain knowledge and build confidence that is needed during actual emergency responses.”

The course took place during the weekend that covered the basics, including new vehicle technology, vehicle stabilization, glass removal, using the cutters for cutting through the body of a vehicle, spreaders to pry open doors and rams to conduct a dash displacement.   

“I’ve been in firefighting for 40 years and have had the opportunity to see how equipment and techniques have evolved and improved through those years.” Said Chief Anderson, “I am a constant advocate for continued training and education so that our firefighters can improve their skills and perform their duties as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

The St. Marys Fire Department would like to thank the most trusted and experienced Lead Instructors Peter Methner and Brad Weins of On Scene Rescue Training Inc. The instructors have a combined 55 years of fire service. Their willingness to pass on their invaluable source of knowledge based on their real-world experience allowed members of our departments to reach optimal levels of achievement. Their passion and love for the firefighting trade and what they do created a climate of trust and respect amongst all the firefighters. 

Anderson expressed his gratitude on behalf of the department to Tim Hortons for supplying coffee and donuts for the firefighters. As well this training could not have taken place if it was not for Kent Robson of Robson Scrap Metal Limited for the donation of vehicles and his property. The St. Marys based company generously donated 14 vehicles for this weekend’s training and vehicles throughout the year in order to conduct these type of extrication exercises.

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