Firefighter Shawn McNaughton named Firefighter of the Month for March

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This March the St. Marys Fire Department is pleased to announce Shawn McNaughton as its “Firefighter of the Month”.

Firefighter Shawn McNaughton was selected as Firefighter of the Month for numerous reasons,” said Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “Shawn has dedicated over 20 years to the St. Marys Fire Department, providing an endless amount of fire cover and attending a range of incidents in town and throughout the county, keeping the community safe."

McNaughton joined the St. Marys Fire Department as a firefighter in January 2003. He has had an interesting and rewarding career as a firefighter and will become the recipient of the 20-year Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal.  As of February 25, he has decided to hang up his boots and helmet and retire.

“I was inspired to join the fire department and become a firefighter when I volunteered at the Fire Fighters Association of Ontario Convention that was held here in St. Marys in 2001.” Says McNaughton, “I waited for a spot to open and about a year and a half later I was able to join. Helping other people was the best thing about the job, especially when they are having the worst time of their lives, being able to help them is a privilege. It has given me the opportunity to do so many things and help so many people that I wouldn’t normally get to do.”

McNaughton said, “One of the most significant changes that I had seen over my 20 years of service would have to be the construction of the new fire hall. A close second would be the purchase of the new 75’ aerial ladder truck. This vehicle allows us to reach the tallest structures in St. Marys and Perth South.”

“One of my favourite memories was the time the fire department was given the opportunity to play a charity hockey game against the Maple Leaf Alumni players,” said McNaughton. “I really enjoyed organizing the event and giving back to the St. Marys Community with the money we had raised.”

In retirement from the fire department, McNaughton plans to continue to dedicate his time to his fiancé Nita and continue camping. He is employed at Radar Auto Parts as a sales representative.

“We wish you all the very best and thank you, Nita and your daughters Katie and Keisha for the sacrifices you have all made as a family to enable you to serve your local community," said Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Edwards. "Enjoy your retirement, it is very well deserved."

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Firefighter Shawn McNaughton named Firefighter of the Month for March