Firefighter Mark McEwan named Firefighter of the Month for October

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This October the St. Marys Fire Department is pleased to announce Mark McEwan as its “Firefighter of the Month”.

McEwan joined the St. Marys Fire Department as a firefighter in 1998. He has had an exciting and fulfilling 24-year career as a firefighter. McEwan is the recipient of the 20-year Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal and in one more year he will receive the 25-year Ontario Fire Services Long Service Medal.

McEwan said, “My brother-in-law was a firefighter and one day he asked me if I would be interested. I loved the idea that I was able to help the community and being part of a group of people that felt the same way.”

McEwan recalls one of his most memorable experiences. “When I was hired, I was given my pager. That very night the pager sounded, and I responded to my first call. It was a false alarm, but I will never forget that adrenaline rush associated with it.”

“One safety tip I would like to share with everyone is to have a fire extinguisher in their vehicle,” said McEwan. “It’s a definite must have.”  

McEwan said, “In all my years of service I would have to say the most profound changes I have seen would be the technical advancement in the design and building of our fire apparatus and rescue tools. These changes have made our jobs so much safer and easier to perform.”

Mark is married to Candace, and they have two children, Carly and Rourke. When he’s not on duty at the fire department, Mark works for St. Marys Home Hardware in Contractor Sales.

“Firefighter Mark McEwan was selected as Firefighter of the Month for his 24 years of service to the department,” said Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “He is a very dedicated team member and has used his talents and skill sets as a carpenter and trades person to assist with many projects at the fire department. He can appreciate how a building is designed, what materials are used in its construction, as well as its occupancy and use, which allows a firefighter to predict entry points, fire spread, search and rescue timing, evacuation corridors and ventilation routes for a final suppression outcome.”

Deputy Fire Chief Brent Dundas said, “Thank you for your 24 years of service and for the sacrifices you make to keep our community safe. I know the community always feel greatly indebted to you and your fellow firefighters for your willingness to serve and protect our citizens. I want to give you my gratitude for your willingness to sign on the line. Thank you for being willing to do this job. A job that a lot of others could not perform.”

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Mark McEwan is Octobers “Firefighter of the Month”.