Josh McKay in his full St. Marys Firefighter gear.

Firefighter Josh McKay named Firefighter of the Month for September

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This September the St. Marys Fire Department is proud to announce Josh McKay as its “Firefighter of the Month”.

McKay joined the St. Marys Fire Department as a firefighter in 2018 with previous experience at another fire department.  

McKay said, “From a young age I always had a desire to become a firefighter. One of my main reasons to become a volunteer firefighter was the opportunity to give back and support my community.”

McKay reflected on what is a real attraction about being a volunteer firefighter. “I think it’s the unknown of when the next emergency response will happen and no matter where you are, day or night, always being ready to respond as soon as the pager goes off.”

McKay has lived in the St. Marys area his entire life. He has a 6-year-old daughter named Charlotte. He is employed at Premier Equipment as a sales representative.

“Sitting behind the wheel of an SMFD fire apparatus is a privilege that comes with great responsibility,” expressed McKay. “As soon as you step on that truck or engine, you must know your role backward and forwards. But you also must know the duties of those next to you – kind of like a well-rehearsed sports play,” explained McKay.

Driver/Operators are tasked with safely transporting their teammates to an incident site. As they cautiously weave through traffic, their heads are constantly on a swivel for pedestrians, cyclists, and unaware drivers.

The process requires skill, expert-level focus, and a solid crew of vigilant passengers. Firefighters dedicate countless hours studying, training, and simulating the complexities of navigating St. Marys urban thoroughfares, residential streets, construction closures, rural roads, and a highway.

“McKay is one of the best Driver/Operators we have on the department", says Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “Although he can perform any of the jobs tasked to a firefighter, his mechanical knowledge and experience allows him the opportunity to drive the fire apparatus, establish a water supply at the scene of a fire, and provide support to his team members. He is also an integral part of the preventative maintenance of the apparatus, its mechanical components, tools, and equipment.”


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