Fire Chief urges drivers to pull over when they see a flashing green light

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St. Marys firefighters are reminding drivers to pull over and/or yield if they see a vehicle approaching with flashing green lights. The flashing green light indicates that a volunteer firefighter is on their way to an emergency.

In Ontario, motorists are required by law to only pull over and stop for emergency vehicles such as police cruisers, fire trucks, or ambulances. Drivers are also strongly encouraged to pull over for volunteer firefighters on their way to an emergency, because every second counts.

“Although it isn’t law in Ontario for you to pull over and stop for volunteer emergency vehicles, it can mean the difference between life and death in a volunteer being able to get to the scene of an emergency that much quicker.” Says St. Marys Fire Chief Richard “Andy” Anderson. “The green flashing light alerts motorists that a vehicle is on its way to an emergency, this is permitted under the Highway Traffic Act. Please yield to vehicles with flashing green lights within our community,”

The green light is a courtesy, as it does not afford volunteer firefighters any sort of special privileges on the road such as being able to go through stop signs, through red lights, or pass vehicles.  It is a courtesy that people safely pull over and pull to the right to let our firefighters through so they can get to the emergency as soon as possible.” Anderson said.

Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Edwards stated, “Every second counts when responding to a call and if a motorist pulls over it helps a firefighter get to the station in an efficient and timely manner.” He added, “it’s great when people understand what they’re seeing in regard to the green flashing light, so they can yield the right of way to their firefighters.”

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A local sign reminding motorists to yield to vehicles with flashing green lights.