Administrative error identified on water and sewer bills

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Please note that an administrative error has been identified on the November water and sewer bills for the Town of St. Marys. Residents may notice that the bill shows the per unit sewer charge as $1.33/cubic metres instead of the current approved rate of $1.30/cubic metres. Through discussions with Festival Hydro who administer the water and sewer billings on behalf of the Town, as well as a system verification, it has been confirmed that the bills were calculated correctly using the approved rate of $1.30/cubic metres. The proper charge of $1.30/cubic metres was applied on the November bill and will continue to be applied on the next bill issued for December usage prior to the new rate coming into effect for the January 2020 billing cycle.

Should there be any questions or concerns related to this matter, please contact Festival Hydro at 519-271-4700 or the Town of St. Marys at 519-284-2340 x 213