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The Town of St. Marys is encouraging charitable, non-profit and volunteer organizations, sports groups and service clubs to apply to its Community Grant Program. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2021.

Interested applicants are advised to review the Town’s Community Grant Policy and application form at Eligible projects must support one of the following pillars of the Town’s Strategic Plan Revision and Update: culture and recreation, balanced growth, economic development and housing.

Applicants must be located in or provide services to the St. Marys community. External applicants will only be considered if they can clearly show that any funding received will have a direct, positive impact on St. Marys. All applicants are required to demonstrate financial need and proof that other funding sources have been considered.

The policy also clearly defines eligible and ineligible costs and includes a funding cap that limits cash grants to $5,000 and in-kind funding to $2,000 per project. Under the policy, applicants will have a five-day grace period after the November 30 deadline to submit their information. Applications submitted after the grace period will be considered ineligible.

In addition to submitting the required forms and documents, grant applicants may be asked to make a brief presentation to Council. Council will make all funding decisions after the 2022 municipal budget is approved. Decisions will be made based on local needs and priorities, the Town’s strategic goals and the approved municipal budget.

Questions and/or completed applications should be directed to the Town Clerk, Jenna McCartney at 519-284-2340, ext. 212 or

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